People have the nicest things to say about Paul Sponaugle!

Imagine everyone at your event being
this thrilled
by the entertainment!

Great party with Magic & Mirth with Paul Sponaugle!
We had a wonderful experience!
He was organized, very professional,
and put on a wonderful show for our kids.
The adults were very entertained as well.
I highly recommend him!
Jeff R., March, 2022

Great birthday party for my 13-year-old daughter!
Paul kept all the kids engaged & laughing!
Highly Recommended!
Amy S., October, 2021

Paul was fantastic from start to finish!
He entertained all 20 children and parents as well.
He was a true professional who was reasonably priced
and worthy of hiring over and over again! Thanks Paul!!
Jason L., June, 2019

Paul did an excellent job performing at my family's
Christmas party. His show was thoroughly enjoyed by
both young and old. He was funny and the magic was great!
He involved everyone kids and adults as well.
Thanks Paul for a great job.
Dan D., January, 2020

Paul was fantastic from start to finish!
He entertained all 20 children and parents as well.
He was a true professional who was reasonably priced
and worthy of hiring over and over again! Thanks Paul!!
Jason L., June, 2019

I just wanted to say thank you for taking part in the banquet
this year and helping to make it a special night for everyone
there. I think the show, and the evening, was a big success
and your set was terrific.
Mike D., January, 2019

Paul was just amazing from the get-go.
He arrived on time, setup was very quick.
He entertained the kids non-stop for as along as he
was around. He is an excellent story teller,
had the crowd in splits with his jokes and really got
the kids involved. I would recommend Paul (Magic and Mirth)
anytime and would definitely hire him myself for future events.
Srini M., December, 2018

Paul was great. He was on time and was easy to
communicate with. We held a holiday party at our house
and had Paul entertain us with some strolling magic.
I would recommend Paul and use his services in the future.
Jeff N., December, 2018

Great Job!! My grand-daughter's birthday would not
have been so much fun without the magic show by Paul !!
The Party turned out to be exciting and everyone gave a
thumbs up to Paul.
Geetha R., October, 2018

Mr. Paul was early to the show.
He set up and kept the kids entertained.
All our kids kept the magic alive by performing tricks.
The kids were VERY entertained. He gave several of his helpers
items that they could take home. It made their day!!
Kathryn B., June, 2018

Paul's performance was excellent and
well received by our crowd at a non-profit volunteer dinner.
Talk after the event and since has been both positive
and one of "you should have been there".
Thank you for an evening of fun, laughter, and a bit of magic enjoyed by all.
Mary R., March, 2018

I hired Paul to do a close-up magic show
at an adult birthday for 5 ladies. He was there on time,
perfectly dressed and well prepared.
The ladies enjoyed the magic and, even as close as he was,
couldn't figure out how he did the tricks. He was delightful!
Andrea S., January, 2018

Paul was amazing!! Children (ages 3-12) and adults enjoyed
the show so much! He kept everyone engaged from beginning to end.
The birthday boy (age 4) loved him!!! My boy is shy,
but Paul got him to help with a trick.
Thank you, Paul!!
I also liked how professional he was, punctual, and respectful to the guests.
Ps. A couple of guests asked for his business card :)
Maria M., January, 2016

"Paul performed for my daughter's 6th Birthday party, and he was awesome!
He kept the all of the children captivated and cracking up the entire time...
The photos of them smiling throughout the show are truly priceless.
Not only were the children entertained, but the adults were as well-
Paul is a very talented magician! This made for a very easy party for
me, as I did not have worry about how to keep all the children entertained
and behaving. I have gotten wonderful feedback from all the party goers.
Parents have told me it was the best party they've been to, and also
that their children are still attempting magic tricks at home days later :-)

The birthday girl loved every minute of it and had a smile on her face the whole day!
I would definitely recommend Magic and Mirth with Paul Sponaugle to anyone
looking to hire a Magician. Thank you SO much Paul for making my daughter's
day so special and fun! We will definitely be in touch again soon as
the birthday girl's little sister is now requesting a Magic Party
for her next birthday!
Erin J. Daughter Birthday Celebration, October, 2015

"Paul was so great with the Kids keeping
them part of the show and involved... He astonished the adults
with close up magic .... Still scratching my head!
I highly recommend Magic and Mirth for any get together"
Gary R. Family Birthday Celebration, September, 2015

"From the moment he entered, it really was pure magic. Nothing was
over the top, but every word and gesture was just right. Not only
were the youngest kids delighted with his show, but so were the adults,
as well as the teens. What can I say? they forgot their phones and
texting while watching. There was plenty of variety, flawless execution
- and the talk was all good clean fun. Everyone also enjoyed the
personal interaction with him. We will not hesitate to
recommend Paul to anyone we know who might be in need of such a
service. ... we are telling all our friends about our wonderful, fun celebration.
Paul's presence made it truly special. There were some special memories "
Susanne and Clinton H. Anniversary Celebration, May, 2015

"Brandon and I cannot thank you enough for entertaining
the children (and adults!) at Cooper's First
Birthday Party! Carter still talks about
"how the magic man tricked my daddy!" We loved
watching the children's excitement!!
The show was great! Thank you again"
Lauren and Brandon P., May, 2015

"I recently hired Paul to perform at my office Christmas party.
His magic show was spectacular in every way.
His magic was amazing and I am still wondering how he did these tricks!
His delivery and interaction with the audience was excellent
and he displayed a very good sense of humor.
He showed up early as promised to set up for the show.
He was very professional.
He really helped to make this year’s Christmas party, the best one yet in 15 years!
I would certainly recommend Paul to anyone who enjoys magic
and being wonderfully entertained! "
Randy B., December, 2014

"Thanks for a fun evening of entertainment. Lots of good comments."
Wayne Jolly, Handshakers, October, 2014

"Your show was the best! You are a great comedian.
You are in a class by yourself.
You're up there with the comedy greats like Chaplin and Keaton!"
Jerry Farber, Jerry Farber's Side Door Nightclub, October, 2014

"Thanks so very much for a terrific show. You’re a real pro and a joy to watch."
Mark Johnson, Jerry Farber's Side Door Nightclub, October, 2014

"Paul was wonderful. The students
were involved and engaged during his entire performance.
I would definitely book him again! He even kept the adults
entertained with his child performance, so I could only
imagine the type of performances he can offer for adults.
Loved it, and I would totally book him again without
a question!
Latoya S, August, 2014

"Thank you so much...
We heard nothing but positive comments about your entertainment!
We will ALWAYS continue to keep you in mind for future events
as we have never gotten anything but wonderful feedback about you!
Johanna I, June, 2014

"Fun End of the Year Party for 2nd Grade.
Paul arrived on-time, set-up and was very professional.
The kids and teachers loved it. He really kept the kids
attention and entertained them, which is not an easy
task with 150+ 2nd graders at the end of the school year!
Terra W, May, 2014

"Thanks so much for an awesome magic show!!!!
The kids loved you! :)
M. Zackheim, January, 2014

"Absolutely Fantastic!!! Paul was the entertainment for my dad's 75th.
Tough older crowd and he had them all hysterically laughing
and wide eyed with amazement. My 5 year old daughter
wants him back for her next birthday! :-)
I recommend him for any age group and any occasion!!!!"
Marla, October, 2013

"It was pleasure to have you at our Twins birthday party.
The Kids enjoyed your balloons and magic.
A Couple of my friends took your information from me for
their upcoming kid's birthday parties. Hope to see you soon there.
Thank you so much for a great job!!!"
Daulati Thakare, June, 2013

"We thoroughly enjoyed your show and I heard nothing but great feedback from students and parents.
In fact, one of the third grade classes wrote me thank you notes and in at least half of those letters,
you were their favorite part of the entire party. I couldn’t have been more pleased with your willingness to work with our “situation”"
Jill Davis, Woodward Mills Elementary PTA, May, 2013

"...haven't had a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed Paul Sponaugle's performance
and opportunity to meet him and see him as Magician!
[It was] ... a First Class Act."
Ruth, May, 2012

See Full Letter here.

"The kids really enjoyed the show, loved the ease with arrangements and booking,
and you managed a whole hour of fun for the girls.
Professionally dressed and set up. Kids loved the show and were thrilled to all get a
chance to 'do a trick' with you on stage. Even the 12-year-olds were perplexed
with how you did the rope trick! From 5-12s they were excited
with the magic boxes you gave them. Thank you Paul."
Jane Samson, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, May, 2011

"Thank you for making this year’s holiday party
a great success. Even the company cynic said this was
the best one to date. You gave our employees the
excellent attention we crave, but rarely receive in daily life.
You have wonderful talents and I am grateful
that you made them your life’s work and shared
those gifts with us.
It was a truly magical night!!"
Shannon Brickey, Auto Auction Services, December 2008

"I can't thank you enough! ... Our guests thoroughly enjoyed you! ...I'd be happy to serve as a reference."
See Full Letter here.
Wendy Hersh, August 2008

"Paul was absolutely WONDERFUL!! He worked the room,
and the children thoroughly enjoyed him! ...He was very professional.
If ever anyone in our organization is in need of a magician
he will be our "Go-To" guy!"
Davilyn Tabb, Program Director, Jack & Jill, Inc., December, 2007

"They loved you! You were just great. The teachers, the kids, everybody
thought it was a great show!...the kids were mesmerized...
You are fabulous!! I mean it, too. Perfect for the kids!!"
Jean Turner, Nicholson Elementary, April, 2007

"Just want to say, "thanks" for an excellent show. My friends and family
really enjoyed your performance. I will keep you in mind for future
events and will share our positive experience with many."
Terry Groulx, July, 2007

"Paul was SPECTACULAR at the show.
We all loved him. What an entertainer!"
Joy Crowder, Nicholson Elementary, April, 2007

"The crowd spoke for itself and raved about your magic...
everyone loved you...
I highly recommend you to anyone who wants an entertaining magician."
See Full Letter here.
Randi Bail, November, 2006

"Thank you so much for performing at our wedding!
You were wonderful - fun, entertaining, and talented.
We got plenty of compliments! ... Many thanks!"
See Full Letter here.
Erin & Sean Hine, October, 2006

"Thank you so much for your participation at SEAM 2006!
...Your shows were certainly enjoyed by all. I enjoyed your close-up...
your stage show [I] heard many great comment on it! Thanks, again."
See Full Letter here.
Michael Baker, August, 2006

"...Thank you so much for your amazing performance!
...You do a great job performing for young and old people.
You are a top-notch magician! Thanks, again."
See Full Letter here.
Alicia Goren, June, 2006

" really set a fun tone for the party!
I would recommend you to anyone who likes to have fun
and interesting entertainment! Thanks, again."
Angela Schwind, Can You Imagine, Inc., December, 2005

"The smiles and laughter in the room followed Paul from table to table.
Everyone seemed to enjoy his magic. Paul's material shows
the considerable talent and years of experience he possesses.
There were no rough edges in his act."
Keith Rainey, Professional Entertainer, June, 2005

"It was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the magic you provided..."
Sue Kirkland, Lee J. Howard Entertainment, March, 2005

"One of the the most incredible magicians I have ever seen in my life!
He is un-catchable! ..and I watched closely!"
Dallas McCade, DriveTime DJ, Eagle 106.7 FM

"[Paul] exceeded our expectations
I highly recommend Paul Sponaugle..."
See Full Letter here.
Gina Chaves, Children's Healthcare, September, 2004

"We had so much fun...
EVERYONE enjoyed ... seeing you perform...
Thank-you for a wonderful evening of entertainment.
We would call you again if the need ever arises."
See Full Letter here.
Jodi McGinty, Lilburn First Baptist, November, 2004

"I watch him every year, and I still don't know!
How DOES he do that?"
Monica Pearson, WSB Journalist

" were, by far, the funniest entertainer
we have ever had. You were a huge success!"
Cindy Ames, December 2003

"One of the funniest and smoothest acts I have ever seen!"
JW, Magic Shop Owner, March 2005

" are simply one of the truly funniest magicians
I've ever seen, locally, or nationally on TV"
John Doyle, Atlanta Weatherman and Voice Talent, November 2003

"I just wanted to tell you what a great pleasure it was to meet
you but also to have you working with us on Saturday evening.
Your talent and pleasant attitude amazed all the guests. I
look forward to working with you in the future.
Please do not hesitate to call me if you ever need
an excellent referral! Thank you again!"
See Full Letter here.
Brittany Smith, Greystone Mortgage, December 2002

"The kids loved you... Your presentation was very age-appropriate
and [you] were also enjoyed by the adults... you had a
captive audience, they were totally enthralled with your program."
Jan Jacobs, Dean Rusk Middle School, December 2003

"Thank you so much for the entertaining show you gave
for the middle schoolers. I had lots of very positive feedback.
I, personally, enjoyed your puns and dry humor.
... You have excellent sleight-of-hand skills. Bravo!"
Linda Orfale, Dean Rusk Middle School, December 2003

"I thought that you did an outstanding job as our magician...
As you performed your magic show, I noticed that the children
in the audience were having a great time... you kept the attention
of the entire audience...thank you for a job well done...
we would like to invite you back to next year's festival."
Officer Michael Hecht, Gwinnett County Police Dept, C.O.P.S. Festival 2002

"Paul, I would just like to thank you once again
for the wonderful show you put on for our Primrose
children and families. You were a true delight!
I am contacting all of our Primrose Schools
to recommend you for future events."
See Full Letter here.
Lisa Soukup, Primrose School of Kennesaw, 2003

"I want to thank you and tell you how much I appreciated
your magic... at my mom's 60th Birthday Party. There was a
mixed crowd of adults and children, and your magic show had
something for everyone. I really enjoyed how you got the
audience involved in the magic act!"
Lorre Gaudiosi, October 2003

"I highly recommend the Magic of Paul Sponaugle.
Both on stage and close up, he really shines.
Paul's stand-up comedy magic act was a very big hit
at our convention(The South Carolina Association of Magicians 2001).
It says a lot of Paul that he can impress a roomful of magicians
and make them laugh. He was polished, professional and charismatic
...all the things you want in a performer."
John Tudor, Chairman, S.C.A.M. 2001

"I really enjoyed your act! You were very funny.
Paul, you really understand what entertaining with magic is all about.
We need more acts like yours!"
Jack Greenberg, 2001 President-International Brotherhood of Magicians

"...people have made a point of ... telling me how much they enjoyed being
entertained by your magic... they were mesmerized with your sleight of hand.
Through the evening, laughter was heard throughout the room, and there were
stares of disbelief as people said, "How did you do that?".
Sherry Watson, Asst to VP of Bass Hotels & Resorts

"Your special talents helped to make a most wonderful event for the Ballet."
Kenneth Hertz, President, The Atlanta Ballet

"...thank you for the wonderful show. The students were very happy...
We received a lot of compliments. Thank you... for providing quality
entertainment to the Georgia Tech Community."
See Full Letter here.
John Matson, Special Events Chair, Georgia Tech

"..a professional and entertaining show, we appreciate your being with us."
Katherine Martin, Dekalb College

"...thank you for the wonderful presentation, ...everyone really enjoyed it.
I kept hearing for days about how talented you are...
It is refreshing to know that we can still receive wholesome
entertainment that is first class and enjoyable."
Rev. Edward Salter, First Baptist of Redan

"The Amazing Merlindo was a big hit with the students at Kemp.
...your program was GREAT and your enjoyment of what you
were doing was very evident.
Your rapport with the students was excellent!"
Wilton Marchman, Edwin S. Kemp Elementary School

"Everyone was pleased, happy and enthusiastic about the lecture.
Great routines, moves, and psychologies... I'm really glad you came!"
Dr. Jim Braun, Clayton College

"Your special magic was a big plus... We are still not sure how you performed
all of your tricks... your magical talents should be commended."
Bernice McGuire, Southern Bell

"Thank you for providing just the right
magic to make our banquet a major success!
You are an excellent performer, and you delighted
and mystified us with your magic and showmanship."
Fred Broder, Georgia Association of Educators

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